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Home workouts or coach?

Thanks to the multiple media platforms and the various specialized sites or providers of physical activity programs, we have many options when it comes to home workouts.

Several companies provide effective and important promotion of physical activity and movement on a daily basis. You can now subscribe to a variety of online video channels that offers you Yoga, cardio, meditation virtual classes or DVDs.

It's so important to move! Physical inactivity does not only impact your weight or muscle strength!! Your cardiovascular health, your flexibility, the freedom of movement in each of your joints and your organs oxygenation also depends on it.

At Merrithew™, not only are the excellent STOTT Pilates® programs available on DVDs, but you can also find ZEN•GA®, Core ™, Total Bare® or Halo® Training programs. I chose STOTT Pilates® because I can totally relate to its basic principles and fundaments and it offers the possibility of working out with very little equipment (your body and a suitable floor mat). A lot of opportunities are out there for you!

Photographie par Annie Spratt, Unsplash

Several certified coaches are also available in the area and offer different approaches to Pilates. They will make you appreciate this discipline as much as I love it, if a more personalized approach and a human touch attracts you more than a video. An instructor will help you to perfect your movements, perform the exercises properly, correct small postural misalignments and optimize your workouts. The personality of your instructor can also help you to engage yourself more into your training, allowing to create a dynamic link and to develop an evolutionary workout, according to your personal situation.

However, I advise you to consult your doctor or health professional for video-based home workout or for a new class with a coach; to make sure that the training you chose really suits you. Do not take any situation lightly! Osteoporosis, arthritis, hernias, sprains, muscular stiffness ... For every little "bobo" or for bigger problems, it is essential that you obtain medical approval before starting a training, and to keep your instructor informed of your situation! Most coaches are trained to avoid the risk of injury.

Our job is to participate in people well-being in agreement and continuity with your health professionals. Still need to keep us informed of your condition! ;-)

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