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Which group class should I choose?

If you are interested in group classes, you may have already learned about the different Pilates classes available in your city or area. But ... what to choose?

First criteria to evaluate: your personal situation. As mentioned in the previous article, different physical conditions require different approaches. If you recently had an injury or a surgery, an Essential class will be more appropriate than an intensive and rhythmic Pilates session. You need to allow your body to heal before resuming to quicker workouts where your concentration could play you nasty tricks and hinder your return to strength and control of your injured area. So if your health care provider agrees, you can start a gentle workout and offer your body wellness sessions! Search well! Several instructors in the Sherbrooke area are offering specialized courses for different situations! Pre and post natal, osteoporosis (no, a regular class is not the best in this situation!), Sensitive back, parkinson, etc.

You have no particular injury or physical condition? – No mysterious, unidentified pain either! Do not play ostrich and put your head in the “Everything-is-ok” sand if you doubt that something is not right! We may then worsen your situation rather than improving it! So you have to make an informed choice. Essential level classes are not easier than Intermediate sessions, fast paced or with accessories! Essential is the basis. It is to time to learn how breathing properly, to use breathing pattern at the right time. It is also to replace your body optimally and give yourself useful tools to progress sustainably. The Essential level will give you great challenges! No worry, your instructor will be able to show many ways to modify, increase or complicate the exercises in this repertoire. We have many ideas!

Intermediate, fast paced, accessory or specialized courses are for people already familiar with Pilates. You can actually choose to start with one of these classes. But you will probably find yourself a little behind and your body will have more difficulty performing the various exercises that will be proposed. You will be able to experience more complex movements, a higher level of endurance and greater challenges if you take time.

Because before running, it is always well advised to learn to walk! ;-)

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