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Take your foot ... in your hands!

It is the base of our vertical station, the key element of good posture and yet we do not care enough about our feet.

Did you know that your feet are made up of 26 small bones? That these small bones are connected by a complex and perfect network of ligaments, muscles, tendons and cartilages? That this perfect assembly allows the multiple movements of your feet and toes when each of its parts are solicited, stretched or contracted? That the big ligament of the plant of your foot, the strongest, acts like a trampoline, absorbing the shocks and the weight of your body? That your arch is actually the shock absorber of your whole body?

With so many key features, your feet deserve a better treatment than a light, superficial toilet when showering or bathing. Beyond cleaning, do you take care of your feet? Do you allow them to mobilize in all directions, to maintain their flexibility, their freedom of movement and their strength? Not only do your feet support you, but their proper functioning is essential to your mobility and to a good posture. Their flexibility and strength determine your walking pattern and this way of walking influences your posture. If they become stiff or weak, you may feel back pain, leg cramps, fatigue, pain in the hips, in the knees ...

To avoid losing flexibility and strength in your feet, it is imperative to include specific mobilization and strengthening exercises in your weekly schedule. If problems are already there, they will tend to get worse and can become particularly important if you do not act.

Stop ignoring them and start pampering them! If you experience pain, excessive stiffness, or worry, talk to your healthcare professional about it! He will advise you the actions to be taken to regain vitality in this part of your body too easily neglected!

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