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The Basic Principles: Breathing

The most important element of the first Pilates sessions is very simple: BREATHE!

Why is it so important? Let’s see - or review - the explanations. A small revision is always good!

In addition to promote a better oxygenation of the muscles, breathing properly helps to reduce unnecessary tension, allows relaxation and promotes concentration.

The STOTT PILATES® breathing principle also involves to allow your rib cage to expand, in the sides and back, while keeping the shoulders in a neutral position (avoid lifting them). You will probably be invited to : fill 2 big air balloons in you lungs, expand your rib cage as if it was an acordeon, let yours ribs melt towards the sides and the floor while laying on your back... No need to say that several muscles must sometimes be stretched and awaken to find their full function! When the breathing is deep and complete, the lower part of your lungs is participating and the gas exchange is optimized.

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

The complete breathing used with STOTT PILATES® will also allow you to engage your deep abdominal muscles, stabilize your trunk and, consequently, give you the optimal training.

Let your instructor guide you through the important learning of BREATHING. The first sessions may seem disarming. Does breathing occupy all your thoughts and you feel unable to control or feel "the sides and back of your rib cage" expand? Don’t panic! This learning, like so many others, will take TIME, PATIENCE and practice.

One day, without having to focus on it, the complete breathing will be acquired and your training will become more pleasant!

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