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Pilates and me

For me, Pilates is a way of living. It's a day-to-day learning, it's a constant evolution. I worked in the field of communications for many years. I was told effective, creative, reliable, instinctive. It was missing, however, a very important thing: ME. I did not find myself there anymore. Over time, I realized that my work was mechanical, that the challenges were gone and that I was missing an inspiration to make every day a pleasant new adventure. Then the positive child in me blew "Why not ?! ".

Pilates. I explored it, studied it and loved it in college. Not that it was a passion or a very assiduous activity, but it intrigued me. I loved its theory, its foundation principles, its history. Studies made me forget that spark that started to dance in my mind. Then the work and the routine have revived this desire to feel life and inspiration. It's never too late to change. So I gave it a try.

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For me, Pilates is a way of living. It's a day-to-day learning, it's a constant evolution.

My training at Praxis (now Connexion Pilates) took longer than expected. Accident during a walk in December 2012: postponement of the basic training scheduled for March to May. Then SURPRISE !!! Baby is coming !!! Birth of son in May 2014.

Basic principle 1: breathe deeply. So I applied it to our life in May 2014 to spend precious time with our son, at home. Then, his desire to broaden his surrounding, to raise curiosity and to meet friends arrived at a great point and we both embarked on wonderful adventures!

Big boy started his daycare-discovery-challenge and I returned to the in-depth study, research, and curiosity about Pilates. Then knee reconstructive surgery in January 2017, and (finally!) Certification exam in June 2017. Ready for my new career!

Since then, every day is a beautiful gift, a new learning and a new opportunity to actively participate in the well-being of great people who cross my path. The challenges are many, the trials often go hand in hand with mistakes, but I always find my smile and optimism back through the enthusiasm, the joy and the well-being that my teaching brings to my customers.

Some say that you can’t change or that it is better to stay in a well known environment. To this, I would answer that "you are wrong because, every day, I succeed." :-)


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