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The Pilates Body...

In a world where everything must be fast, efficient and with a maximum of results to satisfy our desire for evolution, I get often asked if it is possible to “finally get that Pilates Body”.

I am saying YES.

YES because, although your body may need more time and effort to achieve an improved condition than your friend, neighbor, or celebrity who climbed Mount Everest 3 months after giving birth with a C-section, it will. It will take time to fix what all the years of poor work posture, poor resting positions, uncontrollable stress or injury did to your body.

Pilates is not a fast-results thing. It is the sustainability training. Your progress will initially seem difficult to pin down. You may find your first experiences more difficult than you expected, have difficulty getting full control of your movements, wishing to "push it" harder. But, as in any other relationship, the key word to keep in mind with your own body is still: RESPECT.

Respect your own limits. Respect the difficulties you face and the extra effort you may have to put to improve your posture, strength or range of motion. Respect this imponderable and indomitable TIME. Accept the small steps backwards that have allowed you or you will take you to jump further, higher.

Pilates is effective yes. But you must be aware that it will bring great changes in your body, your mindfulness and even in your mental health (concentration, relaxation). Any change requires time and effort. So YES, it will be effective. Everything comes to those who ... takes the time!

Having a Pilates body is simply having a strong, balanced and liberated body with a great and pleasant range of movements. We do not want to change the whole physique of each individual to unify to a unique physical model! To have the "Pilates body" is to have given your body the right tools to make it strong, relaxed and functional. And, words of an instructor, rolls can hide beautiful strong and long muscles! ;-)

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